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Terri Ann Lowenthal is a nationally recognized expert, consultant, and frequent speaker on the U.S. census and policy issues affecting federal statistics. During a 14-year career as a congressional aide in both the House and Senate, she was staff director of the House census oversight subcommittee from 1987-94 and later covered the Census Bureau and broader federal statistical activities for the 2008 Obama Presidential Transition Team. Terri Ann now advises FCCP’s Funders Census Initiative (FCI 2020), a coalition of foundations and philanthropic-serving organizations that support a fair and accurate census; The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; state and local government associations and officials; business and industry data users; and other stakeholders, on census policy and operational issues. She regularly posted on the Census Project Blog through 2016.

Terri Ann holds a B.A. in Africana Studies from Cornell University and J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. She was a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission and served on the Cornell University Council and President’s Council of Cornell Women. She is a Senior Stennis Center Congressional Staff Fellow and was a member of the Inaugural Class of Fellows in the 103rd Congress. Terri finds balance in her life as an ice skating coach of 44+ years and as a proud member of the Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena (Washington, DC) board of directors. She now lives and works in her home town of Stamford, CT.




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