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Terri Ann Lowenthal is a nationally recognized expert, consultant, and frequent speaker on the U.S. census and policy issues affecting federal statistics. During a 14-year career as a congressional aide in both the House and Senate, she was staff director of the House census oversight subcommittee from 1987-94 and later covered the Census Bureau and broader federal statistical activities for the 2008 Obama Presidential Transition Team. Terri Ann now advises FCCP’s Funders Census Initiative (FCI 2020), a coalition of foundations and philanthropic-serving organizations that support a fair and accurate census; The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; state and local government associations and officials; business and industry data users; and other stakeholders, on census policy and operational issues. She regularly posted on the Census Project Blog through 2016. And she is honored to serve on 2020 Census Complete Count Committees for the State of Connecticut and the City of Stamford.

Terri Ann holds a B.A. in Africana Studies from Cornell University and J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. She was a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission and served on the Cornell University Council and President’s Council of Cornell Women. She is a Senior Stennis Center Congressional Staff Fellow and was a member of the Inaugural Class of Fellows in the 103rd Congress. Terri finds balance in her life as an ice skating coach of 45 years and as a proud member of the Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena (Washington, DC) board of directors, where she was Skating Director from 2002-07. She now lives and works in her home town of Stamford, CT.




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